Traffic Usage Checker

Traffic Usage Checker 1.8

Traffic Usage Checker is a small program to check your traffic usage

A small program to check your traffic usage. Works with many ISPs: ACSOnline, Actrix, Airnet, BorderNET, Farmside, InSPire, Maxnet, Orcon, Paradise, Quicksilver, Slingshot, Snap, Telecom/Xtra, TelstraClear, Vodafone/ihug, Woosh and WorldNet. If it doesn't support your ISP then just ask.
Traffic Usage Checker(TUC) was originally called PUC, for Paradise Usage Checker. Then it started to get requests for support for other ISPs -- the first one was added, and it was renamed to TUC. These days, with the 15 ISPs it supports -- well, that was never the plan, but these things happen.

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